Aimpoint 3x Magnifier with Twist Mount and 39 mm Spacer


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The Aimpoint® 3XMag magnifying module is specially designed for compatibility with Aimpoint sights and for maximum flexibility and better performance in the field.The Aimpoint® 3XMag magnifying module is a high quality optic that can be used with any Aimpoint sight for extended range target identification and engagement. This high quality accessory gives the shooter the best of both worlds: rapid CQB aiming with an Aimpoint sight, and long range target acquisition in combination with the magnifier. The Aimpoint TwistMount allows this transition to occur effortlessly and in just a matter of seconds.The unit comes equiped with a TwistMount and 39mm Spacer.Unique featuresMountable on a rail system behind Aimpoint sightsExtremely fast and ingenious mounting solution (Twist Mount - Picatinny)Can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ringProvides extended range to the operatorCombines the best of two worlds – CQB & semi-snipingIncreases confidence, performance, and flexibilityNo influence on point of impact – No need for re-zeroing the sightDoubles as handheld magnifying glass monocularComes equiped with a TwistMount and 39mm Spacer Optical SpecificationsOperating principle: Magnifying deviceOptical magnification: 3xAiming dot size: Uses the reticle of the combining sightNVD compatible: YesOptical coating: Anti-reflex, all surfaces and multi-layer. NVD-Compatible 1, 2, 3Clear aperture: 20 mmEye relief: 60-65 mm at full FOV (40-90 mm at 5° FOV)Transmission: >60% (700–1000 nm)Resolution: >12 (lp/mrad)Dioptric adjustment: Fixed -1.0 DPower Source

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