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Asteroids - Relics Of Ancient Time


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Asteroids - Relics of Ancient Time Where do asteroids come from and what are they made of? What clues do they hold about the evolution of the Solar System? Scientists have catalogued hundreds of thousands of asteroids, and many are thought to contain water and amino acids, the building blocks of life. Michael K. Shepard tells the fascinating story of their discovery, and what they can tell us about the history of our own planet. He describes how we find and study asteroids, what they look like through the eyes of powerful telescopes and spacecraft, and plans for future sample return missions. This timely book interweaves accessible scientific explanations with historical background and personal narrative, providing an engaging read for anyone curious about asteroids and what they may mean for our future - both as threats and opportunities. A popular level treatment of the field of asteroid studies, providing background material to people who want to know more about asteroids and their importance to society and science Illustrated with clear diagrams, tables, and the most recent images from optical and radar telescopes and spacecraft cameras Includes the latest proposals for discovering and avoiding impacts, mining asteroids, and future asteroid missions

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Artikelnummer: B9781107061446